Designing for People, Not Just “Users”.

You know that feeling when someone metaphorically smacks you in the face with an answer that you never even thought of?

My job is finding the answers you can’t think of yourself, and making the best product for the people that metaphorically smack you in the face.

My Skills

  • Connector.

    Market Research

    It’s important to analyze in what climate you are creating a product to understand what approach you take. My product creation cycle begins with becoming an expert of the product and it’s market.

  • Connector.

    User Research & Testing

    My degree in psychology and innate ability to connect with people allows me to excel in conducting end to end user research and testing. I know exactly what questions to ask, when I need to just observe and how to sense what a user is feeling when they use my product.

  • Connector.


    I have been working in startups since I arrived to Berlin 5 years ago, this has given me a lot of input and knowledge on how a business is built and what I can do to make it thrive. I have utilized my knowledge in helping stakeholders build something that will not only be functional and appealing to users but also profitable.

  • Connector.


    My strength lies in finding ways to visualize large quantities of information in a meaningful way. I uncover what I need to build and create user personas and scenarios that facilitate conceptualization and development.

  • Connector.


    I work best with agile principles. It is important to me to keep communication open within a team. Iteration and critique is constantly welcome–not only regarding the product but also regarding team dynamics and how I work. As the product evolves through a lifecycle, my goal is always to evolve with it!

  • Connector.


    I am a team player. My role within a team is flexible and I am always able to sense the needs of others. Sometimes a team needs a leader that will guide the workflow, a liaison who will communicate goals optimally, or someone who will motivate from the trenches — I am the kind of person that can collaborate with people from diverse backgrounds in diverse ways.

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